India – The whataboutery nation

It is an age of whataboutery!

Almost every week, some trend start on Internet about violence on muslims. Then there are equal story about violence netted out on Hindus. Curiously very few netizens (twitter handles) are outraged on both and one can see the separation or whataboutery.

There are endless stories of justice rather lack of it for hapless victims. Stories continues, narratives keep on changing. 

However the key thing which both side ie “this is not my india” vs “see how others are killing us”, forget that It is the Indian state which is oblivious to the ordinary.

Indian state is perfect secular state. It treats all equal – be it Hindu Muslim or Christian. It remains oblivious to them. It collects taxes / bribe equally and remain deaf to them equally.

Or in better words, Indian state collects tax but doesn’t dispense justice 

Indian state has been designed to serve, protect and feed the chosen ones. Forget Phelu Khan, do you remember closure of any case one year, two years, five years or even twenty years. 

Indian state remains in British mould where it just focus to serve the masters – earlier gora sahibs, now bhurra sahibs who sit in gymkhana club and worry about India over soft laughters and single malts while debating next UN/World bank posting (probably this answers as why India not so rich country, is so prompt in paying its UN dues while US/UK who have money don’t even care about UN dues)

Remember Nirbhaya, Remember Sonipat violence – you might even ask what about Sonipat and that is the exact point. (for the uninitiated, Sonipat violence (agitation for reservation in Govt Jobs) led to some 30 deaths and loss of 20,000 Cr ($4bn) worth of property.)

Whole India seems to be living in a 24×7 reality show where every second a new more sensational event happen numbing us even more and game of whataboutery continues.

There are millions of case pending and getting added, but SC bench find time to hear petition like if Red dresses shall be allowed in India.

So for a moment, get way from this whataboutery and ask yourself a serious question ? Are you really comfortable with state of security – do you think Indian state delivers quality of life – Safety, Justice, accountability or these days – clean air?

Indian archaic system of governance has failed and collapsing. 

When somebody says – let the land of law takes its own course, its invoke yawn from both sides ie criminal as well as victim as nobody remembers as when was the last time justice was delivered. 

Indian justice system has achieved a unique feat in the world where innocents are afraid of it while criminals remain brazen and laugh at it.

Denial of justice to Phelu Khan, Ankit Saxena  et all is not any conspiracy. 

It’s equal treatment to all natives without gymkhana connections. 

So stop this whtaboutery and start asking hard questions before each one of us end up being the main character in 24×7 reality sensational show!

The end

The Indian Sahibs

1/ IndianSahibs: A senior bureaucrat is checking at the airport but hold, it’s not him but his protocol officer and a CISF guard, who is checking for him.

2/ IndianSahibs: Custom official has stopped so sahib consort is threatening and name dropping on protocol. There people are busy on full tax payer salary. Incidentally, that means Airlines issued boarding pass without seeing the person – a big security hazard. Now why custom official – It is Indian airlines departure from the international side so the customs guy needs to stamp.

3/ An official abusing powers/ utilizing free man powerfully paid by taxpayers is more corrupt than any black money hoarder and on top of it, he is compromising security big time.

4/ and this tells what is wrong with India. We remain servile to officials while going gaga on small busmen eking out a living

5/ same officials who want salaries at par with world best also guaranteed jobs, ten thousand perks,  gleefully tank every Govt scheme by shoddy execution and blatant corruption.

5/ anyone who thinks there is hope for India is living in fool’s paradise. Our real rulers are not politicians but Sahibs who demand and get more power

6/ Sahibs with more powers, zero accountability, and fixed tenures thanks to sustained demand by the middle class. We got our own Frankenstein

So critical question: why great Indian middle class remains extra servile to Babus/Sahibs & full of contempt to politicians? Racism or what?