War & Peace and personal positions in the time of Social Media

You are either a Warmongers or Peaceniks – unfortunately both positions are wrong

India is run by an experienced professional setup so leave their job on them and focus on yours. Support nation and keep opinions low

Still if you have strong views, do something which costs

Ideologies always cost, and if your opinions don’t cost, you are an opportunist not an ideologue.

So if Warmonger Join army or enlist family to Army or Donate a sum which pinches. – a year income perhaps

If Peacenik: Don’t take any income from US/UK/China/Europe. Withdraw kids from US/Europe Univ as these are real war nations & arm manufactures for the world. Better still surrender your green card or US passport.

Don’t preach, put your skin in Game

Shailesh Vickram Singh

Shailesh Vickram Singh is an entrepreneur / venture capitalist with more than 20 years of exp.