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Electric Mobility

India is going to see huge jump in EV space and biggest jump will come in Commercial Electric Vehicle space. Massive Mobility is building new age EV infrastructure to facilitate this revolution.

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इतिहास गान

बहुत हुआ इतिहास गान, अब तो करो कुछ कार्य संधान कब तक यू गाते रहोगे, अपने को भरमाते रहोगे ये तो इतिहास है इतिहास ही रहेंगे  मगर हम आने वाली पीढ़ी को क्या जवाब देंगे written in class 8th, rediscovered in old diaries

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A rule achieves the exact opposite of what it is supposed to achieve !!!

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It is easy to get in a Chakravhyu than to get out. Hence before getting into a war formation, one need to know as when to get out or in other worlds – do not start a war when you don’t know how to finish it. War declared at 500 War extended at 15000 at what not, one will withdraw from war? 30,000 50,000 100 it will continue

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Mercenary as a leader

When a nation has “no skin in the game” policy makers whose reward, long term career and personal life are not aligned with India, these mercenary policy makers will run at drop of a hat.  No nation has attained prosperity and long term leadership by having mercenaries at top leadership positions.

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Covid19 Curve : Don’t Crush it, just Ride it!

First wave of policy decisions globally were driven by “flatten the curve” crowd and “extreme infection/death model” makers. However as the time passed, neither the curve flattened nor extreme infection deaths happened on predicted timelines (NewYork Officials had estimated that 140,000 hospital beds might be needed to treat coronavirus patients by 11th April 2020 but in reality only 18500 were in use as on 11th April 2020 (almost 86% lower) as per news in NewYork Times). But has these deterred the new age evangelists ie the internet age gurus (VCs / entrepreneurs), journalist modellers and statistical porn champs! well they

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